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Aeropuerto Internacional Jorge Chavez, Mezzanine Office 214, Callao, Lima - Perú

ATSA Service Center complements the value proposition of ATSA CORP, being the only Peruvian operator that offers a comprehensive service to private and commercial aviation customers, which includes maintenance on a fixed basis, line maintenance, as well as components maintenance.

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We are the service center of
our own fleet of aircraft
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Aircraft Maintenance
Powerplant Maintenance
Battery Recharge & Maintenance
Component and accessory maintenance
Specialized services
Propeller maintenance


Maintenance Projection
Logistics integration for spare parts and external services
Record keeping and documentation storage. Use of maintenance control programs.
Direct coordination with the aeronautical authorities.
Technical analysis for Airworthiness Directives AD, Service Bulletins SB.

We manage the daily operations and regulatory requirements so you can enjoy your aircraft at any moment, worry-free, guaranteeing the safety and commitment of the leading service we offer. Simplify flight operations and maximize your aircraft's potential with a personalized aircraft management program.

ATSA AOC service
Own Aircraft Service Center
Own Fixed Base Operations (FBO)
Operations Manager
Our pilots are trained and certified according to high international standards
Periodic and high quality training for our flight crew.
Thousands of acumulated flight time to the most challenging airport in Peru.
High Safety standards: Basic Aviation Risk Standards (BARS).
Endorsed by Aeronautical Peruvian Authority (DGAC) & ISO 9001.


For an excellent service and adequate safety, we have one of the most important international certifications in the aeronautical sector in operational safety: Basic Aviation Risk Standard (BARS)

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